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BTP Cross Plataform Basic Compiler  v.2003.06.23

BTP is a new Cross Plataform Basic Compiler Project using Basic to Pascal Translation and compilation using FPC (Free Pascal Compiler).Current State is good. You can make anything under console and use inline pascal for now if you like to build GUI

FileCopyPlus - a resumable file copy  v.20031024

FileCopyPlus is a small utility that copies a file, and also maintains the current state. If the copy is interrupted for any reason, it can be easily resumed by simply repeating the command. Future improvements may include multi-file copying and

GGDBCompare  v.0.1

A database structure comparison utility. In its current state, it is written for the dotNet 1.1 framework in Visual Basic, using the SQLDMO object for interacting with Microsoft SQL Server 2000.The purpose of this tool is to provide an automated

Open geo coordinates database  v.1.0

At the current state, opengeodb provide geo coordinates and several other data (city name, zip) mainly for the german speaking

Open Soue Development CMS  v.rc

This is a research project yielding a basis for a configuration management system (CMS) designed around the open source development (OSD) process. By first analyzing the OSD process and tools in its current state, the project aims to develop a system

RCONtrol  v.0.1.060222

A Java based RCON administration tool for HL/HL2 based games. Features server list, server query, server settings dialog, rcon console, player management and HL/HL2 script support. (Current state supports CS:S

Real Poker  v.0.2.8

Real Poker - A poker simulation (work in progress ... see project docs for current state). Network play will be

Sarcoex's Utilities  v.1.0.0

Includes: Sarcoex's Utilites - Clock Sarcoex's Utilites - SW-TOR Server Status Features: Show the current time and date (updates every second) Display the status of a Star Wars: The Old Republic server. Display the status of a World of Warcraft

UNO-Java  v.22.12.2011

A Java implementation of the popular card game UNO. The game will be available as Desktop application. Current State :

XRadar  v.1.1.2

Open extensible system analysis report tool for Java, based on numerous open source analysis initiatives. The XML/XSL batch-processing framework produces integrated HTML/SVG reports of the systems current state and the development over

Continuous Integration  v.1.0

An Android widget to facilitate project status tracking. Allows adding a home screen widget to give up to date status of the current state of a project. Requires some rather trivial back-end support.

Java implementation of ebInterface  v.1.0

Java program to sign and create an Austrian XML invoice - ebInvoice - according to the ebInterface. Current state: an xform xhtml page for firefox able to edit invoices. Current step: view trough the MOA spezification and law situation. Programming the j

GoBoardTools  v.1.0

Tools based on a data structure to efficiently representthe current state of a game of Go. These include a Goproblem solver and a SGF editor.

Poker Tournament Wolf  v.1.0

An information screen application for Texas Holdem tournaments. Screen will show the current blind levels, next games, chip values, upcoming pay-outs and so on. It will also include interactive functions for small games, such as a timer.

G15ffxi  v.1.0

g15ffxi is a plugin for the G15 keyboard using the g15daemon on a Linux system. It's able to show the current Vana'diel time, day, moon phase. It's also able to display arrival time for ferries, airship and much more.

Famutil - utilities for familiar linux  v.1.0

Famutils is a set of utilities for making use of ipaq pdas running gpe and familiar linux more enjoyable. It was born from my own frustation trying certain tasks on the current state of the distribution and maybe they are usefull to others as well.

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